Beginners Flamenco Dance and Technique Course

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5 Days

Max 7 people

What you'll do

Experience the fire of Flamenco and go learn techniques to clap your hands and stamp your feet on this one week beginners Flamenco dancing course in the stunning city of Seville at a local Flamenco dance school.

Learn how to Flamenco dance in the heart of Andalucía. Tucked away in the orange-tree lined streets of Seville this Flamenco dance school is used by locals and visitors alike from beginners to professional dancers.

Your experienced dance teacher will help to develop your Flamenco dancing and technique as well as your own dancers personality.

Many classes are accompanied by a Flamenco guitarist as you learn how to express yourself as a Flamenco dancer as you develop your understanding of the relationship between the Flamenco guitar, singers and dancer.

Get more from your holiday and stomp around the floor with your new found Flamenco skills.

Your Local Host:

Eukene & team

Dedicated to teaching all things Flamenco to both visitors and locals including dance, compas and guitar lessons, this friendly Flamenco school in the heart of Seville, led by Eukene, will ensure you’ll get the most out of your time there and will show you the real Flamenco in Seville.

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A Typical Day

Class schedule
– Classes start at 9.30am Monday – Friday each week
– Each class lasts 120 minutes leaving you plenty of free time during the day to explore Seville
– Please note that if there is only 1 person in the class, classes will be reduced to 90 minutes

Dance Course
– The dance classes are focused on teaching a sequence to later adapt the rhythm, the guitar and finally the singing
– All palos of flamenco are taught (seguirillas, soleá, soleá por bulerías, alegrías & more)

Technique Course
– The technique course focuses on working the position of the body, zapateados, marcajes and the correct execution of turns

What can I do in my free time?
– The school organises regular visits to local Flamenco dance and music shows as well as encouraging you to explore the history of Flamenco in this beautiful city
– Weekends are free for you to explore the local area or just kick back and relax on this learning holiday with a difference

Location Info

Located in one of the lively Macarena district of Seville, this Flamenco school was founded in 1994 and teaches more than 600 students each year how to dance and play guitar to the rhythm of Flamenco.

Macarena covers the northern area of th..

  • 5 x 120 minute flamenco dance lessons each week
  • Lessons take place Monday to Friday at 9.30am
  • Information on local Flamenco shows around Seville
  • Map of Seville
  • One evening out led by a school representative each Monday to help you socialise and meet others studying Flamenco at the school
  • Dance diploma
  • WiFi

Beginners Flamenco Dance and Technique Course