Segovia Horseback Ride & City Tour


Ride a horse through the beautiful valleys surrounding Segovia, after a fascinating walking tour that digs beneath the surface of this incredible ancient city.

On this 8-hour tour, the first stop of the day will be in the city of Segovia, where you will begin your walking tour of the city with your local guide. We’ll explore Segovia’s historic centre, scattered with ancient ruins and incredible cathedrals, and discover why this city was proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage site.

We will stroll through the city’s beautiful main square – Plaza Mayor, and gaze in awe at monuments such as a stunningly preserved Roman aqueduct and Spain’s first Gothic cathedral. We will also take a look around the former royal palace and fortress – the iconic Alcázar Real.

After the tour, we’ll embark on an exciting 1.5-hour journey on horseback through the valleys of the city, which provide you with stunning views of Segovia. This is a totally unique way to discover this incredibly beautiful city, as you take in the views of dreamy spires and looming towers dominating the hillside.

You’ll learn how to communicate with your horse, some of the basic practices of horse care, and practice your horseback-riding skills while reveling in the freedom and tranquillity of the countryside. Under the supervision of our guides, the route is suitable for anyone, from first-time rider to expert.

Discover the spectacular views created by the city’s two rivers – the Eresma and the Clamores – and enjoy the ride and the amazing views of the Alcázar Real, the castle that was used as the inspiration for Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, and reconstructed in Disneyland.

At the end of your tour you will return to the centre of Madrid in a comfortable minibus, where your guide will be able to recommend things to do during the rest of your stay.



Highlights of the Trip

  • Marvel at Segovia’s incredibly well-preserved Roman aqueduct
  • Discover the inspiration for Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle
  • Visit Spain’s first Gothic cathedral
  • Explore Segovia’s Alcázar – former royal palace and fortress
  • Venture out on the backs of impressive dressage horses
  • Behold unique landscapes in a perfect getaway for culture and nature lovers

What's Included

  • Guided tour of Segovia from a local guide
  • Entry to the Gothic Cathedral of Segovia
  • Entry to Segovia’s Alcázar Real
  • Ride on horseback with an expert tutor
  • WE farewell

Location Information

WE MADRID at  Plaza de San Miguel, 7, 28005 Madrid

Other Information

Departure Details

Meet at 7:45am for check in time for departure at 8:00am.

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