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Craft and Sightseeing Holiday in Cordoba

From £760 per room

Andalucía, Spain

8 Nights/9 Days

Join a Group of up to 6

Craft and Sightseeing Holiday in Cordoba

What You'll Do

Taking place in April, May and June 2021. Get away from it all in the stunning hillside surrounding Cordoba, and get to know the region like a local as you explore the natural landscape, the historic city, the local wineries, then draw inspiration from them to create beautiful jewellery pieces that will forever remind you of your time here.

Right from the very first day you are collected from Cordoba train station,  experience what it is like to live in this beautiful area of the world like a local.

You’ll be staying for 8 nights in the magnificent sierra mountains that loom up over the city of Cordoba, in a house nestled in a woodland haven of pine and acorn. The locals of Cordoba often visit the area to drink in the fresh air, the stunning nature, and to take a moment to slow down and relax.

Before every craft workshop, you will be taken on an inspirational, unique sightseeing trip, to help you get to know the authentic culture of Cordoba, and to get ideas that you can incorporate into your designs.

Every one of these trips are chosen on the basis of their relevance to the area. For example, much of the wealth Cordoba enjoys today was built upon jewellery making, and ceramics are a large industry throughout Andalucia. You will visit a 3rd generation jeweller and learn about her techniques, as well as visiting a 3rd generation ceramicist to see how they decorate their beautiful pieces.

Your picture-making session is designed to capture inspiration from your visit to the historic centre of Cordoba. With beautiful castle gardens, a Roman bridge and the poetic heart of Cordoba, the Mezquita, there are countless sites to inspire you as you explore this weave of cultures and traditions.

As an added bonus, you will also visit a beautiful organic winery, as well as the ancient city of Medina Azahara.


Take home new skills and your own artwork with 3 craft workshops

Explore Cordoba with an artistic eye and visit local artisans that help the city thrive

Stay in a rural retreat and experience the Andalucian way of life and local cuisine

Your Local Host:

Kay and David

I am a trained jeweller with a BA hons degree in jewellery design with ceramics as a second subject. I also ran my own jewellery business for 20 years in Scotland and alongside this I tutored many craft classes under the umbrella of Community Education. We made the move to Spain from Scotland nearly 4 years ago and love everything that this part of the world has to offer, from history to art and culture and of course food.

Experience Itinerary

Welcome to Cordoba

Your experience begins when you are picked up from town  Cordoba train station, and given time to settle into the house. Take a short trip to the nearby lake for a woodland walk then enjoy a delicious complimentary lunch in a local taverna.

In the late afternoon, you can explore the nearby woodland walk or just relax into your surroundings, soaking up the beautiful mountain views from the house.

Later, relax over an evening meal and drinks, and chat about the coming week’s activities.


Rural Retreat

bedroom in cordoba spain


From Ceramics to Stunning Wines

Day trip south of the city to a ceramic designer in La Rambla. This town hosts many ceramic factories and this one was chosen due to the skills and perfection involved in the decoration of their pieces.

They range from individual pieces to dinner sets to huge garden pottery. 3 generations of this family have been involved in this business and the attention to detail and love of their craft shines through.

While in the area you will also take the opportunity to visit Bodega Robles, an organic winery in Montilla. This is another 3rd generation business and there is no doubt the owner’s grandfather would be very proud of how they have continued and developed his original winery.

Robles is one of the few organic wineries and they carry this eco ethos thoughout their process. You will be shown round the Bodega, learning about the work and will have the pleasure of sampling some of their produce. After this, you will return to La Rambla to eat lunch in a taverna before heading home late afternoon where you can relax and take in all you have experienced in the day. Evening meal and drinks at the house.


Rural retreat

living space cordoba spain

Local Breakfasts and Print Art

Start the day with a 30 minute walk through the woods or a short drive to a complimentary breakfast in a nearby taverna. The locals go here to eat Churros with sugar or  a rich chocolate sauce for breakfast on Sundays.

Alternatively, you can choose a traditional tostada breakfast. Normally this is crushed tomatoes with ‘jamon’ ham on toasted bread – both are delicious!

After a leisurely breakfast, you will head home to our tile printing workshop at the house. You will learn a little about repeat pattern making and will either make a template design or choose from some already prepared.

Next, you will make your printing plate, this will be used over and over to print your design onto a set of tiles with ceramic paints that don’t require firing. Using the repeat pattern, the tiles will fit perfectly together to make a set.

After lunch at the house, you can use this same printing process to make greeting cards, learning how to centre a design and print layers of colours. Later in the afternoon, take time to relax in the area or house and you will enjoy an evening meal and drinks at the house.


Rural retreat

balcony in cordoba

Explore Magical Cordoba

In the morning you will head down to the beautiful and historically diverse Cordoba city. This will be an opportunity to visit the fantastic cultural sites, and remember to take your camera/phone to take lots of photos for your next day Picture Making workshop.

Entry to all the visitor sites are included in your holiday price, so you only need to think about what you want to buy in the multitude of craft shops and restaurants. Your first stop will be the Calahorra Tower, situated at one end of the Roman Bridge. Here you will learn about the development of Cordoba through the centuries and the different cultural influences that make it so diverse.

You can also get great views of the sites you are about to visit, the bridge and river from the rooftop. From here you will have lunch in a nearby restaurant/taverna and afterwards, take a leisurely walk through the winding streets of the Juderia, stopping as you wish to take photos and shop.

Lastly, you will wind your way towards your final visit to the unmissable Mezquita. This unique building hosts a sprawling, much-photographed Mosque which surrounds a later incorporated and lavish Catherdral. Both are a sight to behold. Evening meal and drinks back at your home in the hills.


Rural Retreat

kitchen in spanish accommodation cordoba

Picture Making

Today you will be selecting one of the photos from your previous day’s snapping in the city. You will work with the photos on the computer with an editing application to crop and filter them until you are happy with the colour, light and composition.

You will spend a bit of time with your host discussing and preparing what makes a great composition. From this you will use a technique to transfer your photographic image onto either a canvas or wooden board, ready to embellish and make unique with a variety of mediums and painting methods.

You do not have to be an experienced or expert artist to create a unique and professional quality image.

Lunch and evening meal with drinks at the house.


spanish food

A Day of Jewellery

First stop of the day will be to a jewellery museum to see some glorious pieces that will inspire you for your next day workshop. From here you will head into the heart of the Juderia in the old town to visit the shop of a local 3rd generation jeweller.

This jeweller learned her trade from a very young age watching her grandfather at work. She later attended formal training and now produces a blend of traditional and highly fashionable and modern pieces.

Some have graced the catwalks and been snapped on the rich and famous of Andalucia!

From here you will visit the beautiful Castle Gardens and inside the castle, you will view some of the most exquisite examples of mosaic work from centuries past and then you can revisit the wonderful historic centre of Cordoba for lunch and a chance to shop or wander the winding streets.

Later in the afternoon you will return to the hills to relax, finishing the day with an evening meal and drinks at the house.


Rural Retreat

Crafting Your Own Pieces

Today you will start the workshop by learning how to work with wire and pliers. This is a skill that you can take forward into whatever materials you eventually choose to work with when you return home.

You will start by making a simple pair of bead earrings. After this you will be shown how to multiply this process to make links and create a matching bracelet.

Next, you will be making unique centrepieces for your jewellery. For this you will be drawing inspiration from the technique of metal embossing that is found in a lot of Moorish work from the region.

You will be using recycled aluminium as it is pliable, easy to emboss and can create fantastic and very unique results. Your host will provide many ideas for patterns or you can decide on your own.

Once you have finished your embossed centrepieces you will use the previous wirework skills you have gained to turn them into finished items of jewellery. You may take inspiration for the style of jewellery you want to create from any you have seen on the previous day trip to the museum.

Many ancient designs can be carried forward to modern-day by adapting the materials used. Most people once they start in jewellery making become totally engrossed so you may want to continue working on more pieces after our lunch break.

It is up to you how elaborate or simple your finished designs will be, depending on your taste.


Rural Retreat

Bustling Markets and Ancient Cities

After breakfast, head down to catch the best of a great market that people flock to every week. It is called the Setas, as it is situated under huge, brightly coloured mushrooms.

Always bustling, you can find some great bargains here, especially in clothing. You can eat lunch on the trot here, as there is a hot filled roll stand and a churros stand to fuel your bargain hunting. Normally, the market is always open, however it is dependent on the weather. If the market isn’t open, another activity will be arranged.

The next stage the day trip is very much weather dependant, but only in that you will either visit in the daytime or at night. The Medina Azahara is an ancient cultural city that is now an ever growing archeological site. It is a must-visit place for really understanding the importance of this area in history.

The site is constantly expanding as more is discovered, and many of the relics found can be viewed in the museum. As the site is open air, it is better to visit in the night time as the summer months begin.

You finish your holiday with an evening meal and drinks at the house, or we will have our evening meal before visiting the site.


Rural retreat

Departure Day

Take your time over a leisurely breakfast to say your goodbyes to your hosts and the people you have shared your experience and holiday with. Once you are all ready, around midday you will be transported back to the city for your return journey.

We fully recommend that guests take a couple of days on either side of their holiday with us to explore the city of their arrival. If coming by air it is most likely to be Malaga or Seville both cities are one hour from Cardoba by train and both are well worth exploring to enhance your Spanish holiday experience.


Location Information

The collection point for the experience is Cordoba train station. Tips for getting there will be provided on your booking voucher, and we recommend flying to either Cordoba, Malaga or Seville.

Each of these cities is worth staying in for an extra night either side of the itinerary, so that you can soak up the famous Spanish culture and explore the beautiful Old Quarters that each of the places boasts on your own.

Your accommodation, a beautiful rural retreat, is located in the sierra behind Cordoba, where you can really take the time to unwind and relax, far from the rush of the city.

  • Accommodation
  • Classes and materials
  • All breakfasts, all evening meals and 4 lunches including tea, coffee, soft drinks, water, beer and wine.
  • Entry fees to visitor sites
  • Transport from Cordoba to the house, day trips and return drop off in Cordoba at the end of the stay


There is a swimming pool that is available during the hotter months of June to September, possibly also beginning of October.