Woodstock Food, Art and Cultural Experience


Experience the rich culture of the Woodstock neighbourhood, its urban street art, Coffee, Beer and enjoy a traditional home-cooked Cape Malay meal with a local family in Woodstock.

Woodstock is a neighbourhood situated next to the City Centre and has a unique and colourful history. It has become a trendy and artsy hub and a preferred place to live for a lot of Capetonians based on the location and proximity to the city and the diversity of people who choose to call this area home. On our adventure, we will pop into several galleries which showcase a mix of well-known local artists such as Faith 47 and Jack Fox, as well as international artists such as Louise Masai. On the way, we will stop off and taste some splendid quality coffee and beer from a local Microbrewery both of which are well patronised by the locals and make seriously good stuff. We will finish off with lunch at a local Cape Malay family who have lived in the area for decades and have shared in the ups and downs and rich history. We will eat traditional dishes made from recipes which have been handed down from generations to generation and sample to aromatic cuisine which are quintessential to the Cape all while you get to hear stories of the area and South Africa’s past form those who can tell it to you first hand. More Cape Town you could not get.

What's Included

Lunch. Coffee & Beer Tasting!

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