Honey Bee Spa in Platbos Forest


An adventure into the Southernmost indigenous forest at the tip of Africa with a Bee spa session in a unique hut built so humans can relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the health benefits of the Honeybee, without coming into direct contact with the bees. This magical experience is then rounded off with a sumptuous South African lunch and of course some natural honey tasting too.

Unique Pristine Forest

The Honey Bee SPA is situated just outside Gansbaai, Western Cape, in a pristine, uncommercialised forest – the only existing forest of its kind at the southernmost tip of Africa. You will experience a guided walk through the forest, listening to the most amazing facts about trees existing in this forest for hundreds of years.

A Spa to Remember

Then you indulge in a Spa session which allows you to relax while laying down and experience the sensory experience with the smells and sounds of the Honey Bee. Please note that humans and bees do not come into direct contact during this experience.

South African Lunch!

Once you have taken in this unique vegetation and unwound and relaxed you will enjoy a South African Lunch full of the local cuisine and of course some natural honey too.

This experience is unique for nature loving individuals and it has wonderful health benefits too.

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What's Included

Refreshments on arrival
Access and guided walk through this pristine and privately owned Indigenous forest
Guided walk through the indigenous forest
Bee Spa session in a specially built Hut (no direct contact with bees) 1.5 Hours
A sumptuous lunch with all South African firm traditional favourites
A gift from the forest prepared by your hosts

What's Not Included


Other Information

Meal Menu:-


Biltong, homemade honey bread, butter, preserves (green figs or sour figs)

Main Meal:-

Maize meal tart with sheba (tomato and onion relish)

Boere wors (sausage)

Vegetarian sausages

Green salad with honey dressing


Baked apple tart with ice cream (coconut cream for vegetarians)


Included will be: Honey liqueur, Honey beer (Mead) and a non-alcoholic punch

Visitors are welcome to bring their own wine of choice

Overnights Stays in the tranquil and beautiful surroundings of the forest can be arranged on request and at an additional rate.

All bedding and utensils are included. Two interesting talks – one on the Honey Bee and the health benefits of bees and the cultivation of tree essence and its healing properties will be given. Honey, local produce, honey liquor and tree essence will be available for purchasing.

This is an off the grid forest, thus no electricity is available only solar lighting, gas stoves and open fires. Hot water is supplied by a “donkey” – a hot water system that operates with a wooden fire. Toilets are organic. This offers Travellers a unique opportunity to get it touch with pristine corner of Africa

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