Djembe Drum Experience


Try your hand at playing a traditional handmade African Drum

Add this to your bucket list and experience the rhythm and sound of the “talking drum” yourself and come try your hand at playing it with the experienced Manan Ajimah from Northern Ghana, who is recognised to be an authentic master djembefola and teachers of Traditional West African percussion who has been featured on national television in the UK as well as many local websites and tv shows. The djembe drum, a skin-covered hand instrument with a goblet shape structure, has long been used as a form of communication in Africa – and if you’re at all familiar with the sound of the djembe rhythm, you’ll know that it is the kind of sound where each thud and thump resonates deep within you as if speaking to a part of your psyche that you never knew could speak back. Learn about the drums long history, the different woods used to make it and how it is constructed to give the different sounds and then experience for yourself playing the various rhythm and beats alll guided by your talented teacher


What's Included

Drums are supplied for the experience,with a stool to sit and play from

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