Yoga and diving in Egypt – One of the best holidays I’ve ever had

Is it safe to travel to Egypt? This is a question we’re getting a bit lately. Our yoga and diving holiday is in Dahab is still running and our tutors there say nothing has changed in Dahab, however, we understand people‚Äôs concerns.

Beki from Scotland was a bit nervous about travelling solo to Egypt last month. However she ended up having one of the best holidays of her life! So does she recommend it to others considering going? Without a doubt.

“I can honestly say that it was one of the best holidays I’ve ever had. Travelling as a single woman can be a bit daunting, but this holiday was just perfect for us single girls. Yoga teacher Barbara could not have been more welcoming, the same goes for the staff at the hotel and the diving instructors. Just do it!”

We caught up with Beki to find out more about her yoga holiday…

Have you travelled solo before? How did you find it?

Beki Hols

Yes, I’ve done diving holidays before. I don’t mind travelling on my own as long as there is an activity attached, as you are more likely to meet up with other people and I don’t fancy sitting around a pool on my own. I like to be doing things.

Activity holidays of any kind are great for single travellers.

Were you nervous about travelling to Egypt? How did you find it?

I’ve been to all over Egypt before (but before the revolution and always with other people). Even though I know it’s one of the most fantastic countries in the world, with the nicest and most hospitable of people, I will admit that I was nervous about going this time. There has just been so much upheaval there lately and when I learned that it was on amber alert from the foreign office, I did have second thoughts.

However, from the moment I arrived, I was so glad that I had done it. It was just everything I remembered that I love about the place. I don’t think you can fully appreciate just how much the Egyptian people make every trip there memorable. Hospitality is just a way of life, they are wonderful and it is a really special place. The culture, the history it’s like no other place in the world.

Yoga_holiday_Dahab_Egypt_city_viewWhat were the highlights of this trip?

The diving is just out of this world in Dahab. There is nowhere better that isn’t long-haul.

I could go on for hours about the beauty of the Blue Hole or the Three Pools or the Lighthouse, but I could sum it up by just saying – see “Finding Nemo” – it’s just like that.

You feel like part of a nature documentary diving in the red sea, honestly, it’s like swimming in a gigantic heated aquarium!

Other than the diving, the night-time yoga and meditation (together with Bedouin meal) out in the desert, organised by our yoga instructor Barbara, was fabulous fun. All the girls that were on the yoga holiday came out and after the quietness of the meditation, we had an absolute hoot, looking for shooting stars and talking nonsense in the pitch dark.

What were the other yoga guests like?Dahab desert (2)

They couldn’t have been nicer. Really great company for the week and we all just kind of tagged along together, had breakfast together and wandered into town for dinner a few nights too.

What was the scuba diving like?

Outstanding, simply outstanding. My guide Mamdu was tremendously knowledgeable about the area – he picked a great dive site each day.

The equipment and the dive school were great and right on the same site as the hotel. The dive sites themselves were out of this world. A wonderful experience.

How was the yoga? Do you think you improved?

Eh pass, it’s not my strong point. It was fun, and Barbara was a wonderful teacher – but I’m not going to become a yogi anytime soon.

I must admit that the yoga was a wee bit of a nice add-on for me because I was mostly there for the diving. But it was great for getting me up and out of bed – a nice start to the day and it made for a very packed itinerary each day which I loved.

I thought that with the yoga, there would be a higher chance of meeting other ladies who were there on their own and wouldn’t mind us tagging along together. Maybe I was just lucky, but that’s exactly what happened and they were a great bunch.

Would you recommend this holiday to others?

Without a doubt. I can’t wait to go back.

Unfortunately, this holiday is no longer available but you can browse our full range of yoga holidays here.