What’s it like to win a free yoga holiday?

Yoga holiday in Turkey - yoga sessionsSherrie, a yoga teacher from Ireland, recently went on our yoga holiday in Turkey after she’d won it at our booth at The Yoga Show last year. Here’s what she had to say about her holiday:

“My yoga trip to Side, Turkey, was fantastic!!! I had the most amazing time, everyone on the course was great, friendly and the Yoga was the best!!”

“It was brilliant. I would definitely go back. I’m thinking of going back in October, to the other yoga holidays that you have in the area. [Everyone on this recent holiday] could all meet up again and we could go and it would be great!”

A prize

Sherrie attended The Yoga Show at London Olympia last October. She came by our booth and entered our irresistible lucky draw. After all, who could say no to a free holiday? Which true yogi could say no to a free yoga holiday?

The hand of lady luck brought Sherrie to her yoga holiday in Turkey. To the magnificent Side, the wonderful people, the rejuvenating yoga. To an unforgettable holiday experience.

“It was amazing. From the moment I arrived in Turkey, it was just phenomenal. The heat, it was just lovely. The accommodation was lovely. The food. And everyone was very nice and friendly. Brilliant location.”

Yoga holiday in Turkey - yogis galoreYogis galore

Sherrie the yoga teacher enjoyed meeting other like-minded people on her holiday. Like-minded guests from Finland, from Iceland and from other parts of the world.

Sherrie, who has herself travelled widely and lived all over the world, felt right at home with the group.

“It was great to share good practices with other yogis, exchanging alternative postures you could use for different people with different conditions…”

Many committed yogis sharing good practices. A yogi’s dream come true.

Yoga holiday in Turkey - group dinnersThe Moonlight Restaurant (and other delicious food)

Sherrie’s favourite moments were those spent in the company of these same people at the Moonlight Restaurant, a charming restaurant perched on a cliff. This regular gathering space saw the group exchanging stories each evening. Enjoying delicious Turkish cuisine. Creating unforgettable holiday experiences.

“It was gorgeous. It was beautiful. It was a really magnificent place. The food was great for everybody. The service was great, and everyone there was lovely and very polite.”

And the meals at the guest house were no less delicious.

“The food [at the guest house] was astounding, prepared by an old lady who looked like she had to be about a hundred. Very traditional food, as you can imagine. The daily breakfast was fantastic. It was just great.”

Yoga holiday in Turkey - ruinsA town steeped in culture

And Sherrie was not just there as a Yogi or a foodie. She was also there as a traveller. In the first place, she’d chosen her free holiday in Turkey because she’d never been there. And a good choice she made.

Sherrie appreciates the culture of the places she visits, and well recognized Side as a cultural gem.

“We went to lots of restaurants, temples, etc. together. I loved the history of the area. I did a lot of photography around the temples and boat rides around the area. It was all gorgeous.”

“I did lots of jogging, just enjoying the surroundings. I’m not really a big beach bum kind of person, sitting on the beach all day would have bored me. I liked walking around the temples and discovering the town.”

The convenient location of the accommodation added an additional sparkle to the gem.

“Within 2 to 5 minutes you were at where you want to be, it was amazing. It’s quite beautiful in the sense that it was a lovely, quaint place to stay, away from the busy touristy area. Hidden away but accessible!”

“It’s great that in Side, you don’t have to get into cabs or buses. Everything is just at your doorstep.”


No matter how many countries you’ve visited, there’s always something new to discover.

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