Guest review: Paul’s yoga retreat that lasts a lifetime

Many of us have this problem; we forget our holidays the moment we step on the plane to fly home. The ‘holiday effect’ often disappears more quickly than your tan.

Did you take a proper break? Not really. You probably checked your email, checked in on Facebook and kept your phone by your side waiting for any news from around the world. Not quite the refreshing holiday you were dreaming of.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. A GoLearnTo holiday is the antidote to regular holidays. Here’s the proof from our recent yoga holiday guest, Paul…

“I’ve come back to work but I’ve stayed relaxed as well. Quite often when you come back from holiday you just forget everything about the holiday.”

Paul is from Glasgow. He has an intense job. Time off is limited. He works weekends. He needed a break. A real one.

He travelled solo to Italy where he spent a week on our yoga holiday in the peaceful hilltop village of Casperia near Rome. Enjoying a car-free village surrounded by sunflower fields and the Sabina Hills.

Paul is still feeling the effects of his holiday, more than a month after his return so we caught up with him to find out more.

How does it feel to be back?

I just remember how relaxed I was just wandering about Casperia doing nothing and just chilling out.

I’ve managed to keep that aura of calm around me when things get busy at work. I have to say it’s been a really good thing in my life.

hill-top village of Casperia in the hills of Italy

Hill-top village of Casperia

Did you manage to switch off on holiday?

I was so chilled out, I didn’t think about work at all.

Doing an activity is important. When I have an activity to do, like yoga, it gives some structure to my day.

Tell us about the yoga lessons.

We did it outside in the garden and it was just beautiful.

The weather was lovely, it was peaceful, there were birds chirping in the background, you feel a million miles away from the city.

In my normal life, at 8 or 9 in the morning I’m usually quite busy getting off to work. So just to grab your yoga mats and do yoga for an hour and a half was fantastic.

What was the food like?

After yoga, we had a huge continental breakfast that was absolutely fantastic. The food that was provided at the retreat was amazing.

We had 2 buffet dinners too. They were brilliant.

Who did you meet on the yoga holiday?

group dinner outside on yoga retreat in italy

Enjoying a buffet dinner ‘al fresco’

7 of us formed a nice tight group. We got along very very well and we just became very good friends during the week.

There were people from the North of England, Manchester, London, Wales and Canada. And one of the other guests lives 10 minutes away from me in Glasgow!

The girl from Canada had been at the retreat for weeks. She’d only meant to go for 1 week but ended up staying 3 or 4.

What were your yoga instructors like?

Maya was such good fun. Just a joy to be with. She is one of those people, every time you see them, she just sort of brightens up your day. A very very happy, chilled out, spiritual person.

One of the reasons I wanted to go on this yoga holiday is because I was also interested in the spiritual side of yoga, not just the physical side, and she really helped. She is really into yoga. Very welcoming and a fantastic yoga teacher. Lots of experience. For one so young, she’s done lots of things. She became part of the team.

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What did you make of Casperia? Was it too rural?

Casperia is like a paradise. It’s absolutely fantastic. The medieval town was just beautiful; you could just spend the whole day wandering round and getting lost.

It was peaceful. There were no cars around in the old town, so once you’re inside the walls of the old town there is hardly any noise at all. The only sounds you hear are the locals talking or the church bells ringing.

Would you recommend this holiday to your friends?

This ranks as one of the best holidays I have ever had (even up there with skiing!). I will definitely be back next year and might even stay longer.

I am definitely going to do a yoga retreat again.

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