Spanish and tango antics in Buenos Aires

One of our students sent us her experiences of her first week in Buenos Aires learning Spanish and Tango.

“Just thought I would fill you in on a little more of the interesting details since arriving in Buenos Aires last week. Am worn out with having to adjust to a new city and language and get my brain into gear for Spanish class each day but having said that, it is amazing how quickly you can adapt when thrown in at the deep end and I already feel quite confident making my way around and getting my basic needs met after just a week!

One of the guys I am sharing my apartment with is hilarious – he is a blonde Borat (born Kazakhstan, grew up in Germany has worked in England, Spain and Russia). He plays really weird Kazakhstan music in his room but despite the taste in music we get on really well and he keeps me very amused when my Spanish verbs are all getting too much.

Tango school on the other hand employs Mathius my private tango teacher an amazing dancer. A further plus is he speaks great English but can be no older than 25 (I daren’t ask but I can hope!). After just three lessons I have new found respect for Strictly Come Dancing celebrities. Maintaining hold, interpreting music and trying to look seductively intense whilst flicking my leg in between his is no mean feat when in high heels and sweating profusely in the heat of the city.  There is very little stomping and stamping of the feet involved (that is very paso) the dance is, as Mathius tells me very sensual. You can only imagine how much I want to giggle when he tells me to imagine I am exposing just a tiny bit of my body to him when I rub my leg up his!

So that’s the private tango lessons, the group lessons are more of a luck of the draw. Last night I started with Carlos, who was far more aggressive in his style but definitely taught me a thing or two about tango. You then spend 20 mins or so with each partner in the group which gives you a chance to meet people and dance with everyone. I finished up with Juan who seemed to favour a full body contact hold so I had to adopt a sort of banana position as I’m not that confident yet and if its with Juan, not sure I’ll ever be (you have to meet him to know what I mean). That aside these lessons are a good opportunity to meets some locals. I met Cecilia who lives quite near to me and is taking me to a cafe session where you move around (it sounds a bit like speed dating style but you are there to improve your Spanish which will be great – I can’t wait).

Loving Buenos Aires and learning to love the tango… Lucy x”
Tango, Argentina