Instant friends on a yoga holiday

Have you ever met people with whom you felt comfortable from the first minute? Doesn’t happen all the time. But when you put yourself in the right place at the right time, you meet the right people. Caroline did at this yoga holiday in Cadiz, Spain.

“It is the perfect combination of a well-run yoga centre yet comfortable and relaxed so it feels like you are on a holiday with a group of friends – even though you’ve only just met!”

Caroline had done yoga before but was never very disciplined at practising it. In preparation for her upcoming trek in the Himalayas in October, Caroline decided that it would be a good idea to bring yoga back into her life.

“It’s easy to get breathless at high altitudes and yoga gets you to breathe more deeply. I’m hoping that doing yoga more regularly now will help me to regulate my breathing when I’m up there.”

At the same time, Caroline’s family had booked a villa in Spain for a family break. Looking to extend this holiday, Caroline decided to take the opportunity to kick-start her yoga practice.

“Another good thing about [the holiday] is that it helped me to completely unwind before going to tackle my niece and nephews!”

yoga lesson on the beach in SpainExcellent yoga lessons

“Thanks to Mireille for excellent lessons.”

3 of the other guests had never tried yoga and 2 of them had done the odd yoga session before. Mireille, our yoga instructor, started with the basics but progressed quickly. Soon, they were doing flow yoga, Caroline’s favourite! Not once did she feel a difference in levels among the guests.

A group of solo travellers

Caroline enjoys solo travel. She likes people but doesn’t want someone else around 24/7. Makes perfect sense. Ever had a fall out with a friend over a ridiculously insignificant matter while travelling together? Don’t you sometimes wish you travelled solo, but shrink back at the horror of having to dine alone every day?

Caroline’s figured it out. Travel solo, and engage in an activity for great dinner company. Share about the exploits of your day over authentic local food, while sipping a glass of wine. It’s perfect.

It so happened that all the guests at the retreat that week were Dutch, and travelling solo. Less coincidentally, they were all interested in yoga, as you would rightly expect of guests on a yoga holiday.

“…It feels like you are on holiday with a group of friends – even though you’ve only just met!”

Silent meditative walk

sunset yoga on holiday in Spain

One of Caroline’s favourite moments was the silent meditative walk.

Imagine walking through a pine forest on a summer morning. The sun filters through the trees and dances on the ground, pine needles soft under your feet. The cool air carries the strains of conversations among birds.

By contrast, there is no conversation among humans. Your personal space has never felt so tangible. Not a word is spoken throughout the walk, but you enjoy the company and comfortable silence of friends whom you’ve met just a few days ago.

“It was lovely. We saw very beautiful sights.”

“Everyone had their own personal space but at the same time, there were other people with you.”

Finca with magnificent views

Return to the Finca set in the hills. Enjoy amazing sunsets away from the bustling city.

“Perfect accommodation, beautiful place.”

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