In an ideal world, Carly would like to get away from the English weather and focus on herself with great fitness programmes, all inclusive healthy food, and some poolside relaxation three times a year.

The first time she planned this yoga retreat getaway, no one else had the time off on her dates, so she contacted us to find a good singles holiday for solo travellers.

What she found was she had the comfort of a group but was still able to do her own thing and make her own choices. The combination worked out so well, she went back again!

Carly answered some of our questions to give you, fellow readers, an idea of what to expect on a yoga holiday as a solo traveller.

Who else was on the yoga holiday?

At full capacity, the yoga retreat can have up to 28 participants and, both times I went, there were plenty of people and it was very easy to meet like minded people. I have tried different accommodation options, including sharing a room with another female, as well as having my own room in a shared apartment.

I preferred having my own, but either way, it is a set-up conducive to meeting others easily. There are also communal meals, spaces and activities; it is geared towards the traveller that can’t find a travel buddy for their holiday. I believe this is why so many guests there are frequent visitors.

What was your typical day like?

Everyday there are classes going from 7am-9pm, any of which you can choose to join, or not. Everything is optional, included, and up to you. It can be as challenging or relaxing as you make it.

You can also opt to do a 2 day juice detox (again, included). I found this a bit challenging as it made for low energy levels but it can make for a relaxing day hydrating pool side.

detox juices by the pool on retreat in Spain

Which was your favourite activity there?

There were 3 challenging hikes which I joined and I loved them all. The Parque Natural de la Serra Gelada is right next to the retreat and we had an amazing hike through it to the lighthouse. In addition we did a beach hike, and a hike through the mountains; all giving different views, levels of intensity, and amazing scenery.

How did you spend your evenings?

The evenings are totally up to you. Some people really come with goals, work hard, and go to bed early, others wouldn’t mind meeting some locals or trying a restaurant in the local town or sitting on the beach. As a happy medium, I must say I did both.

What did you find about yourself during your stay?

This retreat totally validated my love for hiking. Although it is labelled as a yoga retreat, there are plenty of other activities to join in on, and I found myself really invigorated and looking forward to more hiking after the first one. Also, I lost a few pounds without even thinking about it. It wasn’t a goal, but it wasn’t bad either!

What is the yoga retreat’s best kept secret?

You would think this area would be a bit of a tourist trap but somehow the town nearest the resort is still cheap for us! Four coffees (I bought a round) came to €2.50, and I had a 3 course meal (with wine) for €20.00. The local nearby supermarket was cheap and great for anything you may have forgot or lost in the security check. What a treat to take a walk to the beach, try some local dishes and have some wine all on the cheap.

What are your overall thoughts?

This is a holiday really easy to return to, as it is so very simple for the solo traveller. The owners and staff all give off friendly, welcoming vibes, and you’re comfortable from the start. The last time I went, my roommate and I hit it off great and have become quite close ever since. That is always the best added bonus from a holiday.

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