A magical experience making perfume in France

AmandaAmanda Blair is from the UK but lives in Switzerland.  With little more than a love of flowers and a bunch of curiosity she decided to try our perfume making holiday in Grasse, France.

Here’s what she thought of the experience…

I turned up at the perfume school in Grasse to start my course. In a word, the whole experience was magical.

The teacher Anna was charming, knowledgeable and happy to answer questions on subjects ranging from violets to green tea. She tuned into my preferred learning style immediately, allowing my intuition and nose to do all the work by hiding the labels on the bottles in front of me.

My nose was quite tired by the end of day one and in need of a chill by the pool.ingredients

The course was split into two equally fascinating parts. In the first I created my own perfume and in the second I designed two room fragrances. The afternoons were spent exploring the amazing perfume museum in Grasse, the nearby museum gardens and a couple of beaches.

anna in actionFor me Anna’s dedication to making the experience memorable was the highlight. It was of course also lovely to leave with a certificate, plus three bottles of fragrance containing my “secret” recipes.

My decision to go to Grasse was relatively spontaneous so I really appreciated the easy, fast booking process, including the setting up of a live chat for questions.

I have already recommended the course to friends and will continue to do so. Potential candidates may even be blessed with a bottle of body lotion integrating “my” fragrance as a gift this Christmas as the post-course ordering process looks far less stressful than festive department stores.