The year of the gap

Globally, times are tough and many people who have been affected by redundancy or those post-university are turning their negative credit crunch experiences into a positive one by taking a gap year.

A gap year can help you find focus, gives you the space and time to learn new skills that may take your career in a completely new direction and travel can broaden the mind.

Gap years are booming. According to the Year Out Group, up to 200,000 Britons take time out each year and growth is particularly noticeable amongst recently made redundant professionals leaving the UK to backpack around the world as well as the usual student gappers.

Girls outnumber boys by a ratio of 60:40, with girls more likely to choose volunteering and boys most likely to go on courses and cultural exchanges.

A holiday course can take you on a completely different career path. You can learn a new language in exciting destinations around the world, become a yacht crew memberlearn to cook or even become a scuba dive master. And even if you don’t change your career, you’ll have had a good time doing it.

Turn your negative experience into a positive one in 2009, visit for some inspiration to see what you can learn, stop thinking about it, don’t over analyse and as Nike says… Just Do It – you’ll be glad you did.