How to save money travelling solo (while still maintaining your privacy!)

Solo travel has plenty of perks: loose itineraries, spontaneous decisions, no compromise, and plenty of ‘me’ time. Yet independence comes at a cost – literally. Without anyone there to split expenses, the price tag of this freedom rises substantially, especially if you prefer privacy over sharing your space with strangers.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of 5 items to avoid so that you can enjoy your alone time without bruising your holiday spends.


Accommodation can sometimes become a huge cost for a solo traveller. Hostels help you save money with their ‘pay-by-the-bed’ schemes, but you get no privacy. If you’re over sleeping on a top bunk in a room with 15 strangers, opt for a holiday that gives you plenty of space without the extra cost.

Research a few options before you travel and look for holidays that offer ‘no single supplement’. This means you can maintain your privacy without giving up the chance to meet other travellers. Plenty of our hosts run single-friendly holidays because they know what it is like to travel solo. So, you can have your double bed and sleep in it alone, too.

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Right behind accommodation expenses come food costs. Unless you can eat for two to capitalise on shared meals and two-for-one deals, dining out alone can get pricey. Manage your food budget by choosing a holiday with meals included to reduce overspending when you eat out.

If only some of your meals are included, head to the local supermarket for an adventurous (and cheaper!) alternative, and dine in with some of the other solo travellers you’ve met. To still experience local restaurants and menus, consider eating out for lunch and dining in for dinner.

people sat at morocco style table eating breakfast

Surfers gather for breakfast on GoLearnTo’s surf and yoga holiday in Morocco


If at all possible, avoid renting a car on your own, as you’ll take on not only fuel costs, but tolls and parking expenses as well. Several of our holidays include transfers to and from the airport, so you won’t have to worry about getting to your destination when you travel solo.

If you were hoping to explore the area before or after your holiday, turn to public transportation first. Most places in Europe have fast and frequent trains, busses, and underground systems. If not, check out ride sharing website or see if you can Uber around to where you need to go.


The beauty of solo travel is the freedom. You can see what you want, when you want, with no compromises. At the same time, you won’t get any group discounts or family pass benefits for entry to major sites.

Visit the ‘must-sees’ on your list, but make sure to research free museums, local streets festivals, and outdoor activities happening when you’re in town. Plus, it’s always free to wander new streets and chat with locals in bars & cafes, which is the truly enriching part of travel.

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To get started researching your next solo holiday, you can find a full list of our singles holidays that charge no single supplements and are full of other solo travellers indulging their adventurous sides.