Flying solo this Valentine’s? Perfect. Fly to Spain and treat yourself

Whatever stereotypes come to mind when you think about Valentine’s Day, forget them. Normally the most dreaded holiday for singles, choose to create your own hype this year with an active holiday designed for solo travellers.

Escape the lovey-dovey, over-advertised mush, and meet people you like while learning to do something you’ll love. Guaranteed, the local people and culture will win your heart more than any box of chocolates ever could (and we don’t say that lightly!). Valentine’s Day weekend is the perfect chance to schedule a much-needed getaway for you. And only you.

These 4 options in Spain have no or very small single supplements so you can spend some time under the sun without breaking the bank.

Horseback Riding Spain

Ride into the sunset in Andalucia

Instead of worrying about your relationships in real life, you can simply form one with a gentle and nonjudgmental horse. Ride in peace through the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and then treat yourself in the spa town of Lanjaron in the Alpujarra hills.


Spanish Language Holiday

Speak the (other) language of love

Learning to say ‘I love you’ in other languages can’t hurt, right? Several amazing schools in Spain will help you immerse yourself in the local language and culture, plus give you a choice of combining your Spanish with cooking, surfing, tango, or yoga.


Yoga Meditation Spain Fuereventura

Enjoy some ‘me’ time in Fuerteventura

Since this vacation is all about you, why not customise your activities? Choose yoga, Pilates, and meditation… or maybe, yoga, Pilates, and surf… or maybe just yoga and Pilates. Whatever way you spin it, it ends in you, on the beach, relaxing between yoga sessions. It’s the ultimate way to chill.


 Flamenco Dancing Spain

Get swept off your feet in Seville

The Spanish know passion, so Valentine’s Day is a fitting time to join a flamenco or tango class and learn some sultry moves. Plus you get to spend some quality time with the locals both dancing and chatting.


Time to throw out the traditional notion of gushing love on Valentine’s Day in favour of adventure. Whether you’re a single traveller or simply flying solo, it’s the perfect opportunity to spend the money otherwise used paying for dates or gifts on a memorable experience.