Five tips for solo women travellers

Solo travellers in Costa RicaTravelling alone can seem daunting or lonely but finding that extra confidence can bring you a host of rich experiences and new friends.

Try a group holiday
Book onto an organised trip and see how quickly you find new travelling companions. On a group holiday, you’ll explore, travel between destinations, eat and drink as a group meaning you needn’t go anywhere alone if you don’t want to.

If you’re worried about feeling bored or lonely, you may want to book an activity holiday which will keep you busy with anything from language lessons, to sports and cookery classes.

Do some prep
Find out how women are perceived in the country you plan to visit and know whether you will need to cover you hair or wear conservative clothes. Check whether bikini or swimsuits are allowed and whether it is acceptable for women to go to bars and restaurants alone.

Learn some key phrases, including how to ask for directions, how to call for help and how to say “no, thank you”.Surf and yoga holiday in Spain

Stay safe
Staying safe has a lot to do with exercising common sense and good judgment, two things you probably have by the bucket loads. The chances of something happening to you in most countries are small and it’s easy to further minimise them with a few extra precautions.

Don’t tell people you are travelling alone or where you are staying. Lower your ‘tourist profile’ by hiding your map or guidebook when you can and walking purposefully. Be savvy to local scams by checking them out before you go.

Save important numbers (your hotel/police/a taxi firm) into your phone. Carry local currency and your hotel’s address. Dressing modestly will also make you feel less vulnerable.

Meet new people and get to know the locals
Don’t lock yourself in your room in the evenings. The communal areas in your hostel or hotel are a great place to meet fellow travellers who often love to chat, as well as to read your book, fill in your journal or contact home.

Excursions Valencia TarajonaDon’t be afraid to go to restaurants on your own either. Dinner can seem like the loneliness part of the day when you are travelling alone, but food is such an important part of a country’s culture, it would be a shame to miss out on it.

Eating out is a great way to meet the locals too and no one frowns at a lone diner. If you like, take a seat at the bar where people are more likely to start up a conversation.

Share a room
Sharing sleeping quarters with someone you have never met may seem strange but it can be very rewarding. You will always be put with someone of the same sex and the chances of sharing with someone sociable and likeminded are high. Plus, you’ll also avoid paying the single room supplement.

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