Conquer your fear: 5 tips for solo women travellers


There is no greater freedom than travelling solo – being able to go where you want, when you want. It is the ultimate self-indulgence; following your own path gives you a greater sense of confidence and achievement. This prospect can sometimes seem intimidating, but the world is now more open than ever to women traveling solo.


1. Safety first

Safety is perhaps the foremost concern of the solo woman traveller. It is important to face up to the worst-case scenarios before they happen; there is no harm in having multiple back up plans from A through to Z. Always keep safe electronic copies of your important documents, have back up cash hidden in a deep section of your luggage and most importantly trust your instincts. Aside from plans, have an alter ego at the ready for any potential hostile situations.

2. Plan ahead


Research the destination, identify the best (and safest) areas and stay away from the worst. Make a note, not only of the places of interest but also the local police stations, medical facilities and your country’s embassy. As a solo female it will make your experience more comfortable if you are aware of the appropriate local dress for the country, this is not only out of respect for the culture but it also helps you blend in and minimise any unwanted attention from locals.

3. Branch out

Travelling solo is one of the best ways to meet people. When you don’t have a travel partner by your side you will be more open to meet new people whilst also being more approachable. People are a lot nicer than you think so don’t be afraid to move out of your usual comfort zone. There are so many different ways to engage with others, which can distract you from feeling lonely, from simply socailising at the bar in your hotel to signing up for group tours, activities or classes.

4. Size matters

Choosing smaller, owner-managed places to stay in such as small guesthouses or boutique hotels will make the transition to solo travel a lot easier. Stay away from large anonymous resorts, which will make you feel like a number and choose the more personal approach. Accommodation including transfers is a big plus, allowing you to get your bearings of the area before wandering around alone.


5. Stay solo


Whilst it is great to meet people don’t be afraid to spend time alone, it can be surprisingly rewarding. With s
olo travel there is time to be alone, time to reflect and time to challenge yourself. It forces you to try new things without the safety net of someone you know at your side. All travel experiences are personal, so put the fear to one side and embrace this solo status.