5 must-do things for when you travel solo

Travelling solo is the ideal time to try something new; you won’t need to compromise with anyone and can edit, scrap or enhance your plans with complete independence.

So if you’re looking for inspiration and ways to enrich your next holiday for one, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your solo travel adventures.

Learn something new

Have you been trying to get to grips with the Spanish lingo for years? Maybe you’re a keen cook or like to get creative in your free time… Have you ever considered using your travels to indulge in the things you enjoy doing?

Head to the vibrant Andalucian cities to learn Spanish, don your apron and roll up your sleeves on a cookery holiday in Italy, pick up your paint brushes to improve your painting skills ‘en plein air’ in France – whatever floats your boat, activity holidays like these can help you experience a local culture and meet other like-minded solo travellers.

Paint stunning scenery ‘en plein air’ on GoLearnTo’s painting holiday near Beziers, France

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Go where the locals go

Speak to the locals – it really is as simple as that. They’ll direct you to the best Italian espresso, where to find fresh French croissants, or local lunch hangout. GoLearnTo’s holiday hosts are also an amazing resource and can give you an advantage over other travellers with their inside knowledge.

Try new food

When you travel solo, eating alone can be daunting, but don’t let this put you off eating local. Head to the nearest grocery store and try the different produce, lookout for a market with stalls offering quick bites to eat, or find a restaurant buzzing with people… a typical indicator of a local hotspot serving the best food.

holiday makers have dinner on the beach in Greece

GoLearnTo’s host Denia knows the best dinner spots on the island of Zakynthos!

Sit and people watch

While venturing out on your own may seem scary or even annoying, try not to hide away in your room. Go for a walk around the city, find a park bench, or grab a drink at a café and sit and watch as the locals go about their everyday lives.

You may pick up a few words of a new language, and you’ll definitely learn a lot about the way of life in your destination.

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Enjoy the independence

If you find yourself feeling lonely, remember all of the great things you get to do because you’re travelling solo, like making itinerary changes on a whim or only needing to find one seat on a crowded train.

As a solo traveller you decide what you do and where you go: no compromises!

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