What are you waiting for?

You’ve graduated, the world is at your feet and you have a strong desire to see as much of the world as possible before you even think about settling down or getting a job.

It may not feel like it but statistically you are one of many, so to stand out from the crowd, travel with a purpose and learn a new skill during your trip to really live the dream.

Backpacking is a liberating, educational and relaxed way of travelling. The backpacker community blazes new trails and contributes to the health of the host country’s local economy. Although travelling is an educative vlastnilekarna.com process, learning the language of the country you are travelling in adds a local flavour and enhances your experience as it opens up areas to those in the know.

To venture beyond the tourist trail, learn the language and get more from your holiday.

GoLearnTo has language courses on offer in over 30 countries worldwide, from group classes, private lessons to living in with a local language teacher or why not combine language with a surfing, latin dance, kite surf, yoga or scuba diving course to take home two new skills from your trip?

At prices suitable for a backpacker budget, your bonus is a new skill on your CV that looks good to future employers and could even help you land that dream job… what are you waiting for?

See are full range of language PLUS courses here.