Travel sector websites go to the top of the class

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Travolution reports that Travel sector websites have come out on top in a consumer survey to measure the best performers across a range of high profile markets.

The poll of nearly 2,000 web users found that travel and supermarket sites were ahead of other transactional sectors such as banking, electronic retail and property.

The worst performing sectors, according to the YouGov survey commissioned digital consultancy Rawnet were ticketing and charity sites.

Travel sites were found to be the best overall in terms of design and reported that a lengthy registration process for sites Clic was a major put-off for consumers generally. Almost four in five said they would be put off from dealing with a company if faced with a long method of handing over details.

Rawnet managing director Adam Smith said: “Consumer opinions about web sites in general demonstrate a real gap between creative and technical capabilities of most web design projects.

“The simple truth is that the two aspects should not live in separate silos – there is absolutely no reason why a really creative web site shouldn’t be easy to use and produce real business benefits for clients.”

We can't agree more, good design compliments excellent usability and should not be done in silos . Our learning holidays website is not perfect but with over 95% of people are happy to browse, find holiday courses and book online without any human interaction tells us that it must be doing pretty well in the usability stakes.

And perhaps most importantly, if the customer does need us, we are either at the end of a phone line, available on live chat or by email to offer advice and support. is currently undergoing a bit of a re-design in response to customer feedback…we hope you like it when it goes live over the next few weeks.