Private language lessons

As with learning any new skill, the more 1 on 1 time you have with the teacher, the faster you will be able to adapt to learning it and learning it well. So when it comes to learning a new language, private language lessons can be the most beneficial. A private language course offers more flexibility than a group course as it is designed to adapt to your specific needs and allows you to develop your language skills at the right pace for you.

With your own dedicated tutor, you will be speaking the language from day 1 and you can tailor your classes to focus on the four main language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Alternatively, you can choose to specialise in a specific area of the language such as conversation, business, tourism, buying a home, living abroad and so on.

Who can take Private Lessons?

Basically private lessons are suitable to everyone, but especially those who want to fast track their language learning experience or those who want to tailor their lessons to suit their needs.

When are Private Language Lessons offered?

Classes run Monday to Friday and can usually be arranged at times to fit around your schedule. Some private language courses can start on days other than Monday, it just depends on what’s being offered at each individual school.

Are my skills strong enough to have private tuition?

The great thing about private lessons is that they can cater to your exact needs, no matter what level you are at. On your first day of the course, you’ll be given a short level test to help asses the level you are at. This allows your tutor moje-lekarna to understand what you already know and can help them tailor the course to suit your needs.

I’m a complete beginner!

If you are a complete beginner with no previous knowledge of the language, private classes offer huge benefits by allowing you to start any day you choose and can really fast track your linguistic skills.

How long are Private Lessons?

Private lessons vary from 45 minutes to 1 hour in length.

How many lessons will I take per week?

Most language courses are flexible when taking private tuition. In many cases, students like to take a group course so that can practise the language socially as well as taking some extra private lessons to ensure they are grasping the language as much as they can.

Remember that most schools also offer a host of social and cultural activities outside of lesson time to really help you integrate into the culture of the country, learn anything from salsa dancing to cooking, watch films in the local language and listen to lectures on the history and culture all included in the course price.

Have you taken a group language course? Do you have any tips for others considering this kind of language course? Please post a comment and help others learn something new on holiday.