Love food? Learn to cook in Tuscany…

I love food, it’s a passion of mine and I love to while away the hours cooking.  After spending months travelling around the world inspecting holiday courses for GoLearnTo and eating out each night, I was so happy to reach Italy where I could indulge my passion for cooking.

Cooking Courses

All of the courses were amazing, hands-on and fun, I met some really interesting people some of whom confessed to not being able to boil an egg and others who loved Italian food so much they wanted to be able to cook authentically and to learn more about the history and cultural importance of the food as well sida as how to perfect their cooking techniques to get that ‘just like mama made it’ taste.

One of my favourite courses was just outside Florence in a gorgeous 13th Century villa. I was picked up in Florence and on the bus, I met some of my fellow would-be cooks so we all got to know each other on the short journey out to the Tuscan countryside.

We learned to cook with fresh ingredients, a lot of which were grown in the grounds of the villa and you can’t get fresher than that. We learned to cook so many dishes, I couldn’t believe how much we covered in just half a day and I was envious of the others who had 2 more days to go when I only had the time for 1 day.

We all ate the food we’d cooked at the end of the lesson accompanied by wine produced on the estate. The wine flowed and flowed, we ate and ate and a great time was had by all.

If like me, you have a passion for food then go learn to cook in Tuscany. You’ll have a great time, will meet new people and won’t just take home great memories but also some fantastic Italian cooking skills that will help you remember your Italian holiday over and over again each time you cook.

To learn more about this cooking school in Tuscany, click here.. GoLearnTo/Cooking