Learn Spanish & indulge your passion for horse riding

Horse Riding

A friend of mine has two passions in life:

1. Spain and all grandepharmacie24.com things Spanish

2. Horses (especially Andalucian ones)

Our new Spanish & Horseriding holiday course is perfect for her as it combines Spanish language lessons in the morning with your afternoons and early evenings spent trekking in the stunning countryside surrounding Granada.

Granada is one of my favourite Spanish cities, in Southern Spain it has a fantastic climate, it's nestled at the base of the mountains where you can easily find yourself skiing in the mornings at the top of Sierra Nevada and sunning yourself over a coffee in the winding streets of Granada in the afternoon. The views are breathtaking and even better when seen from atop a beautiful horse wandering through the Andalucian hills.

Spanish language lessons and horse riding lessons are available for all levels from beginners to advanced so take a look at the courses on offer now by clicking on this link.. Spanish Language and Horse Riding Course