Indulge your passion for food & wine in Paris

When travelling to Paris thoughts always turn to all the wonderful cuisine and wine on offer. The French certainly have eating and drinking down pat! With great cuisine like Confit de Canard (duck) washed down with fantastic wines by the likes of Château Neuf du Pape and St Emilion. Orjinal Kamagra Jel Nedir & Ne İşe Yarar? Wine being a centric part of French culture, a lovely thing to do in Paris is get to know the wines of France and culture up a little on its consumption!

Go Learn offers courses with ‘The’ wine tasting specialists in Paris operating wine classes every day of the week. These classes give you the opportunity to try wines from around France in a relaxed atmosphere.

A knowledgeable French sommelier gives a lively presentation on the wines including demonstrating wine tasting techniques and talking about French wine history and culture. You’ll learn how to read French wine labels, how to know what to buy and the importance of decanting and much more. Classes are very interactive and suit beginners through to experts.

On a Cheese and Wine class you learn how to pair wines with cheeses in order to create real food magic. Not to mention the Champagne Cruise on the Seine River, relaxing, scenic and educative. You’ll learn about the wonderful bubbly stuff while sipping on three different types during a cruise through arguably the most beautiful and romantic city in the world.

If you’re a wine lover, foodie, or would like to get into that zone then these classes are for you! These food and drink courses are all about taking the snobby edge out of the wine world. So when you’re in Paris you must go to a wine tasting class. You’ll relax, learn and laugh and come out knowing more about the wonderful wines of France.