How to decide what language level you are…


To decide which level you are at, read our short guide to language levels below:

Complete Beginner – You have no prior knowledge of or experience with the language, or you haven’t studied the language within the last couple of years.

Beginner – You have a basic understanding of a few key words and expressions e.g. the alphabet, numbers, greetings, telling the time, asking & answering simple questions.

Elementary –  With some effort, you can get by in predictable situations. You can ask & respond to simple questions and you have a basic knowledge of grammar, different tenses and word order.

Intermediate – You can easily get by in the language on a daily basis. You have a reasonable understanding of the tense system and simple sentence structures. You can ask & respond to a wide range of common questions and express yourself in familiar situations.

Advanced – You have a good understanding of the language’s structures, with a broad vocabulary. You’re able to use the language appropriately, at a high level, in unfamiliar situations, and with few mistakes. You’re ready to learn new ways of expressing your ideas and the subtle nuances of the language.

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Unless you are a complete beginner, every student will be tested on the first day of class so that you can be placed in the right class with others Viagra Γενόσημο 200mg of a similar level.

Most language schools will have set dates during the year that complete beginners and beginners can start, please ensure you book the right course date for your level to get the most out of your language learning experience.

It is important to note that all of the language courses we offer teach in the language you are learning so you’ll be fully immersed in the language from day 1 whatever your level. The group classes are usually made up of students from many different nationalities so no English is spoken and teachers only use the language you are learning to communicate.

This method of teaching is tried and tested and is the best way to accelerate your language learning experience but it is important to be prepared and to book the right course for you.