Guest review: Kirsty relives her luxury boot camp holiday in Alicante, Spain

Kirsty just had a loss in her family, and really needed a solo holiday where she could focus on herself, keep occupied, and improve her health while she was at it.

She chose our all-inclusive luxury boot camp on Spain’s Costa Blanca coast, which had everything she wanted to reach her ultimate goal: to push herself, stay active all day, eat healthily, meet new people, and treat herself to a bit of luxury.

We chatted with Kirsty about what she now describes as the perfect holiday for singles…

What was the holiday like, and how was it as a solo traveller?

I honestly would not want to go on this holiday with anyone. I was there to focus on myself, and it was great to be with people in the same mindset.

The few people that did come with a partner (generally a spouse or relative) did tend to stick with each other.

A lot of the activities are pair based, so you just team up with the person next to you and do the circuits. There are also people to chat to when you go on a walk. It’s a great way to meet new people, without the obligation of giving up your alone time at the end of the day.

If you’ve ever taken a holiday and felt slighted on the accommodation – such as having a single supplement or smaller room – this is NOT the case here. All solo travellers pay the same price and have a two-bedroom, very spacious apartment with a balcony just to themselves. It is luxury indeed.

What type of fitness activities did you do?

There are fitness sessions available for you to join all day and night. We could choose from circuits on the beach, HIIT, morning yoga, long walks on the beach and Pilates during the day. Then in the evening, there were lectures (on anything from cooking to stress reduction), or guided meditation.

I used this as a great opportunity to get away and really focus on improving my routine along with myself. But this does not mean it needs to be intense for everyone – you are free to join or not.

If you want to just relax, use the wave pool, the lagoon, book a spa treatment, or stroll down to the beach for a cocktail, that is entirely up to you.

group fitness session by the sea in Spain

Check out the view! No better place to improve your fitness

What was the healthy food like?

As this is all-inclusive (aside from any spa treatments you would like to sign up for while you’re there), you sit down to three exquisite meals a day.

Each day the meals are different, but there is no menu or buffet – you sit and are brought your food (keep in mind, there is an option of fish, chicken, or vegetarian).

The food is amazing; the Chef there is really on point. You are eating calorie-controlled food that is carefully chosen to help you remain full, but optimise your performance.

For example, one night we had a vegetarian lasagna made without meat or pasta – but it was so extraordinary you didn’t even think of a real lasagna.  There is no booze, coffee or tea served (again, if you want it, you can, of course, bring your own or go to the beach bar), but hunger is never an issue.

You will leave feeling amazing.  

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Would you do this or another fitness holiday again?

I would do this holiday again without a doubt, and next time I still wouldn’t want to bring anyone.

If you want to seriously jump-start your fitness routine, but have luxury along with it, this is the holiday for you.

Julie, the manager/host, is always there to help you get whatever you need or to point you in the right direction, and each coach will help you achieve the results you are specifically aiming for. I felt so knackered yet amazing by 10pm, that I collapsed into the perfect slumber.

I also haven’t had a drop of alcohol in 21 days – I felt so great, I didn’t want it to end!

If this luxury boot camp holiday sounds like just the thing to kick start your new health and wellness routine, find out how you can join this fitness retreat here.