Group language learning

The most popular way to learn a language is learning it within a group environment where you learn with others who are roughly the same level as you. Classes focus on the four main language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing combined with a healthy dose of local culture. Group learning is best for those who want to learn at a steady pace, improve their communication skills, make friends, have fun and take home a new language skill at the same time.

When are Group Classes offered?

Classes run Monday to Friday and are usually in the mornings but some schools also operate classes in the afternoons or evenings.

Who will be in the Group Class?

You will normally find people from all over the world in a group course, depending on the language you choose to study you could be in a group with students from the UK, USA, Australia, Europe, Asia and South America helping to make your language course a learning holiday with a difference.

How do I know what level my language skills are at?

On your first day, you’ll be given a short level test. This allows the course organisers to place you in a class with others who are at roughly the same level as you.

I have never studied the language, is that ok?

Definately, if you are a complete beginner with no previous knowledge of the language, most language schools ask you to start on the first Monday of each month although this varies from school to school. Some schools offer separate beginners courses so please look out for courses that are pre-fixed with the word ‘Beginners’ and always check the course is suitable for you by clicking on the detailed course itinerary tab and looking under the suitability heading.

How long are the group lessons?

Group lessons at most language schools vary from 45 minutes to 1 hour in length.

How many lessons will I take per week?

Courses are offered with between 10 and 30 group lessons per week. It's really up to you how you choose to structure your course around the time you have available to immerse yourself in the language.

How many people to a group?

Smaller group sizes mean more individual attention but less people to copy your homework from! Groups vary in size from 3 to 15 students per class and to make it easier to compare courses, we clearly display the maximum group size for every course in an icon on both the search results and on the course overview page. Please note that this is the maximum size but in most cases, you will find the classes are usually slightly smaller.

Remember that most schools also offer a host of social and cultural activities Informatie outside of lesson time to really help you integrate into the culture of the country, learn anything from salsa dancing to cooking, watch films in the local language and listen to lectures on the history and culture all included in the price…

Have you taken a group language course? Do you have any tips for others considering this kind of language course? Please post a comment and help others learn something new on holiday…