Flash Packers looking for a fresh perspective…

There is a growing number of travellers in their 30’s and 40’s seeking new experiences, a reason to travel and who enjoy globetrotting like your traditional backpacker with the only difference being, they have cash and more refined tastes.

This new breed of ‘Flash Packers’ are usually dealing with a ‘blip’ in their career, are single and looking for a fresh perspective on travel.

Coupled with shifting social attitudes, the zeitgeist – a constant need for self fulfilment and status it’s no wonder the Flash Packer is in need of inspiration and a reason to travel.

Learning a new skill on holiday is tipped to be the number 1 growth market over the next 5 years by the Centre of Future Studies. A holiday course provides the perfect reason to travel, to meet new people, have aptekanapotencje fun and to take home a new skill that stays with you long after that holiday is over.

For the Flash Packer, a course satisfies that need for self fulfilment and can even help with that career ‘blip’ as an activity can ignite a passion, perhaps a love of language, cooking or dancing that can lead to a career change altogether.

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