Find other single travellers

Painting-Spain-Andalucia tableOur friends at Find Single Travellers have a site where you can connect with other singles to find a like-minded holiday companion if you don’t fancy travelling solo but for all those that just want to get away, check out our new singles holidays.

For some people travelling alone is great fun, others may not find it as much fun but have to travel alone because of personal circumstances. Solo travel has become more and more acceptable nowadays and for those who do enjoy the sense of freedom, it can be the only way to travel.

Not being committed to any one person, doing things they wouldn’t normally do because their partner insists on it. This can be frustrating to say the least. For the single traveller who wants to travel with friends but is unable to do so for various reasons, there is now a solution to this problem.

Imagine a web site database where you can search for like-minded travellers who you can go travelling with or maybe, arrange to meet up with them at a particular destination. You could even befriend others from around the world for friendship as a pen friend to exchange ideas, thoughts, travel plans or arrange to meet with them in their own city. Maybe you could even meet them in your city and give them some accommodation whilst they’re visiting. Well, now you can have this at where you can currently subscribe for FREE, upload your photo and destination requirements and wait for others to contact you, whilst you are searching the extensive database looking for others to travel with. We cater for all nationalities, religions and age groups seeking friends worldwide.

For your safety & privacy, we have integrated a personal message board for you to get to know your new friends before handing over your personal email address or phone number. Unless you like travelling alone, there is no longer a reason to travel solo.