Calling 38% of UK households… pursue a passion and learn something new

Singles account for almost 38% of UK households and this number is growing.

More and more people are living and travelling independently and the thought of a contrived singles holiday fills most with dread.

If you are single, a learning holiday could be just the thing to inspire you to get you on that plane and go learn something new on your next holiday.

Choose from learning a new language to a hands-on cooking or wine tasting course or if you crave an adrenaline rush, try a surfing, scuba diving or kite surfing course.

Creative singles could create their own signature scent on a perfume making course or unleash the inner artist by painting or learning photography skills and if you are looking for a partner all be it a dancing one, why not consider a dance course?

Have fun, meet new people and pursue a passion for learning something new on your next holiday.

Singles be inspired at

We are always looking for new holiday courses to meet the needs of the independent single traveller.

Let us know what ‘learning holiday activities‘ are top of your list by posting a comment here…