Buen Provecho – finger licking good

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As well as being one of the world’s top destinations for traditional tourism, Spain also attracts many people interested in its language and culture, of which its cuisine forms an integral part.


Andalucia is one of the world’s leading producers of olive oil. If you drive inland from Malaga one of the most evocative sights you will see is the seemingly endless rows of olive trees stretching into the distance. On occasion there will be a break and you will find almond trees, with their beautiful white spring blossoms, or oranges, lemons and avocados.

In the evenings spent sitting in a beach-front bar in Malaga you will see the lights of dozens of fishing boats twinkling off-shore – they are catching fish and seafood of all types and sizes which will be served up to you the next day, fried or “a la plancha”, but undeniably fresh!Malaga does not lack in the basic ingredients of the famous Mediterranean diet!

In our Malaga language school, our cookery teacher will show you how to use these ingredients to create classical Andalucian dishes and then appreciate them together with other like-minded people.


The Spanish & Cookery holiday course consists of 4 lessons per day of general Spanish language plus 2 cookery sessions per week in each of which you will be taught how to prepare a complete Andalucian menu. The other highlights of the cookery part of the programme include:

  • 4 dinners in the school with the teacher
  • cultural talks and visits linked to gastronomy
  • a farewell lunch

Those are the basic details but what is the real experience that is being offered? People come from all over the world and range in age from 16 to over 90! So whatever the course being offered you'll have the chance to live and study in an exciting multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment. In addition you'll learn, or improve you knowledge of, the world’s second most important business language – Spanish – an excellent career improving skill.

You can choose to live with a Spanish host family to gain maximum contact with Spaniards and learn about the Spanish way of life, or in our on-site residence and make the most of the multi-cultural environment or they can share an apartment with other language students and lead a more independent lifestyle.

If this sounds like the kind of place for you, don’t hesitate – come an enjoy the experience of our language school and the great city of Malaga with its hundreds of tapas bars, beach front “chirringuitos” (seafood bars) and fine restaurants – ¡buen provecho! (“finger-licking good!”)

*Please note that this course is no longer available but we offer Spanish and cooking courses in Granada and San Sebastian so click here for more information*