Aloha! All the surfer lingo you’ll need for your next surf trip

Surfing Costa Rica

If you are thinking of taking surf lessons on your next holiday, you'll need this quick guide to the surf lingo!

Aloha = Literally ‘alo’ means ‘experience’ and ‘ha’ means ‘breath of life’. Nowadays its used to mean ‘Hello’ ‘Goodbye’, ‘Love’ or ‘ Friendship’

Hang Ten = Both feet (Ten Toes) are placed on the nose.

Stick = Surfboard

The Green Room = A pipe / Catching a tube. Found in the barrel of a wave. It is when you are enclosed by the barrel while surfing.

Sitting Out Back = Chilling / Waiting for a wave

A Set = A set of waves (I.e. I caught a great set)

Gnarly = To describe anything really far out, amazing and extreme – can be good or bad.

Rad = Really cool, but in a more subtle way. One of the highest compliments you can give someone.

Rip = Current

Hang Loose = Surfer’s Greeting. Chill; take it easy

Lefthander = a left breaking wave

Goofy foot = A surfer who stands with his/her Medeczane24 left foot behind


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Surf camps available or why not just add surf lessons to your holiday and come back with a new skill and surfer speak that will stay with you long after the holiday is over!

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