Sherlock Holmes Edinburgh Tour

From £18 pp

Edinburgh, Scotland

2 Hours

Join a group (1-8)

Sherlock Holmes Edinburgh Tour

From £18 pp

What You'll Do

During a guided tour in Edinburgh or a roleplaying game in the underbelly of the Scottish capital, solve crimes and mysteries, and discover what lies behind the writings of Arthur Conan Doyle.

In an atmosphere of crime-fiction, discover the city through the author’s eyes and look for the shadow of the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes.

Learn about the people and places that inspired Sir  Arthur Conan Doyle to invent the character Sherlock Holmes. Conan Doyle was born in the city and grew up here, though Scotland plays little part in the Holmes stories most of which were set in London, or rural locations in England.

So it sometimes comes as a surprise to readers to find that his early years were spent here and that the  greatest influence on his writing came from Edinburgh. He was a medical student at Surgeons Hall and it was here that  he fell under the influence of the man who would inspire fiction’s most famous detective.

During this group walking tour, you will follow the author’s footsteps through the winding streets of Edinburgh. Learn about the city in the 19th century and learn more about the people, crime, medicine and justice of the time. Dive into the stories of the crimes and murderers that fed the imagination of the young doctor’s apprentice and inspired him to create one of the greatest fictional  detectives of all time.

In this two hour  tour, explore Edinburgh as you’ve never seen it before with our guide who will help you solve the greatest mystery of all : the detective himself.



Explore the cobbled streets of Old Town

Learn about the inspirations for Sherlock Holmes

Be joined by an expert local guide

Your Local Host:

Marie and Team

On our off the beaten path immersive adventures we don't just share the history of Edinburgh, we bring you into the story with us, creating interactive theatre experiences showcasing Scottish History and legends. To foster immersion we work in exceptional locations not only the ancient streets and alleyways of the city but also medieval castles, underground prisons or caves, and we use set design, costumes, role-play, puzzles, experimentation, music and more.

  • 2 hour walking tour
  • Expert local guide