Scotland is a country of brooding mountain peaks hunkered under slate-grey skies, stunning stretches of white-sand beaches with views of distant, misty isles, deep lochs overlooked by crumbling castles and vast, empty moors. So it may come as a surprise to many that Scotland’s real magic lies in its people.

With a landscape that inspires so much imagination, it’s no wonder there is no shortage of storytellers in Scotland with tales, myths and legends to share, and it’s no wonder that often, that same landscape drives the Scottish people in search of a warm hearth, a good dram of whisky and a hearty meal.

Experiencing this side of Scotland, the local, welcoming, hospitable side of the country, is what you will truly remember and take away from your time north of the border, as it’s the unique hidden gems and local experiences you never forget.

Local things to do in Scotland

Once you get under the skin of Scotland, you’ll find an absolute goldmine of incredible local experiences that are just waiting to be discovered by that traveller who’s more willing to get off the beaten track.

Whether it’s discovering castles and hearing stories of William Wallace in Stirling, or taking in incredible walking, whisky and wildlife in the Scottish Highlands, there is so much to discover in Scotland when you join a local guide who can bring this stunning country to life.

With Not In The Guidebooks, you can go beyond your average holiday and uncover the hidden gems that make activity and adventure holidays in Scotland so compelling. Our local experiences are designed to show you the real Scotland, the parts and the people that many tourists gloss over completely, but to us the most essential aspect of any travel experience.

Why choose Not In The Guidebooks?

We’re passionate about helping people find the most amazing experiences on their travels, through meeting local people, exploring new places, and discovering alternative activities that make holidays special. We do this by carefully selecting partners in countries around the world who are experts in their local area, sourcing interesting people who can guide you through immersive experiences.

We’ve got local partners all across Scotland, from the grace and poise of Edinburgh, all the way to the wilds of the Scottish Highlands. Choosing a Not In The Guide Books holiday in Scotland means you don’t have to choose between a beach holiday or an activity-filled break, you can get the best of both worlds with a unique trip.