Seafood carbonara recipe

seafood carbonara

This is a delicious seafood recipe from our Italian chefs in Tuscany. To truly immerse yourself in Italian cuisine and experience a holiday with a difference, go on their gourmet Tuscan cooking holiday.

Carbonara sea
320 grams of spaghetti or bibs
1 sepia
2 squid
300 grams of prawns
500 g of mussels
500 grams of clams
2 eggs
ΒΌ of fresh cream
1 shallot
white wine q.b.
black pepper and salt

Method: Chop the shallot and brown it in a large pan with olive oil, add the chopped cuttlefish, squid, and brown and deglaze with white wine, add the prawns and the mussels and clams opened previously with a little ‘of their cooking water. Cook the spaghetti in boiling salted water, drain and season with the fish, add the beaten eggs with the cream and parsley and serve with plenty of black pepper.