Foie Gras recipe


Learn how to make your own Foie Gras with this recipe from our chefs David and Bernard in France. Immerse yourself in French cuisine and learn off the best on a week long French cooking and wine holiday in Toulouse, France.

Types of Foie Gras
TV = Tout Venant – use for sauces
1er choix = Premier choix – average quality
Extra = The Best – use to prepare foie gras
Aim for raw foie gras of 450g – 550g (+600g is too big)

1.    Break into pieces and de-vein as much as possible

2.    Season – mix 18g salt and 3g ground white pepper per kilo of foie gras with a pinch of sugar
3.    Preparation
a.    Conserve traditionelle
Fill glass kilner-style jar and close with rubber seal
Cook in bain-marie for 3 hours per kilo at 95°C
Remove from oven if too much fat appears on the top
Cool then refrigerate for min. 1 month before eating (will keep several months before opening)
Once open, should last up to 1 week

b.    Cuisson terrine
Fill plastic paté dish and wrap in clingfilm
Cook in bain-marie for 1.5 hours per kilo at 80°C
Cool then refrigerate for 1 week before eating (will keep 2-3 weeks before opening)
Once open, should last up to 2-3 weeks
Alternatives – fill dish with half the foie then add layer of eg. pain d’épices, dried figs, dried apricots, cooked garlic

c.   Foie au sel
Add extra pinch of salt
Roll into sausage shape and wrap in cling film
Leave in refrigerator for 1 week before eating
Can be frozen