Aubergine ricotta pasta recipe


A traditional aubergine ricotta Sicilian pasta dish from our Sicilian chef Katia.

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500gr short pasta (anellini if possible)
1 eggplant
100gr young caciocavallo ragusano cheese (or provolone)
1 hard boiled egg
1-2 eggs
100gr grated ragusano cheese (or parmesan cheese) 400ml tomato sauce fresh basil salt “ricotta salata”  (dry salted ricotta)

Slice the hard boiled eggs and set aside. Cut the eggplant into cubes and fry in olive oil in a large pan until golden brown. Blot thoroughly with kitchen paper, salt and set aside. Cube the ragusano cheese or provolone.
Then, cook the pasta “al dente”, cool it down in cold water and dress with tomato sauce, grated cheese and one/two beaten eggs. Place the pasta into a big baking tray or into individual small ones. If usuing small trays, create a small hole in the middle and place a slice of hard boiled egg, 3-4 eggplant cubes and 2-3 cheese cubes. Cover with more pasta and bake in a pre-heated oven at 190° until golden brown.
When ready, take the “timballi” out of the trays and if necessary place again upsidedown in the oven under the grill for a couple of minutes.
Serve over a couple of spoons of tomato sauce, with more fried eggplant cubes on top, some fresh basil and “ricotta salata” (dry salted ricotta) shavings.