Kraków Local Foodie Tour


If eating like a local is the route to truly understanding the culture of a city, then it doesn't get better than this tour. Discover the local haunts and hidden gems frequented by the locals themselves, far from the crowds and all perfect examples of authentic, quality Polish cuisine.

The tour begins in front of the house at Mały Rynek 4, a cute little market square in the Old Town, where you’ll learn about Polish cuisine and, just as importantly, the local beers, before we head to Rynek Main Market Square, the vibrant historical heart of Kraków. Here, in an authentic little spot tucked warmly away in corner of the square, you’ll learn about a local soup so good, the Cracovians actually hold an annual festival in its name.

Thoroughly warmed, you’ll stroll along the Royal Way, complete with panoramic views of the Royal Castle and Cathedral, before we drop in on another hidden gem for an complete education in a national treasure – pierogies. If you think you know how good these dumplings can be from your experiences trying perogies, then just wait until you whack another ‘i’ in there to create the real delicacy.

Satisfyingly filled with authentic Polish treats, you’ll then take a walk through Kazimierz, the old Jewish quarter, which has blossomed in a bohemian neighbourhood crackling with artistic energy and bursting at the seams with unique bars, restaurants, shops and cafes.

Once here, you’ll revisit the old roots of the district by sampling some traditional Jewish cuisine, and take the opportunity to sample another of Poland’s most important exports, vodka. A quick shot of Bison vodka, accompanied by homely, delicious food and live music pouring from every softly glowing restaurant onto the main street will probably tempt you to hang around a little longer.

You’re more than welcome to join us as we soak up the evening atmosphere and wander back to the main square, but if you so desire our guides will provide you with a rundown of the best-hidden gems and secret spots so treasured by the Kraków locals, so that you can continue your immersion in this rich, vibrant city culutre.

What's Included

  • Local English-speaking guide,
  • Appetizer, first and second course,
  • Local snack,
  • 2 traditional alcoholic beverages (1 beer, 1 vodka shot), local fruit drink.
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