Auschwitz-Birkenau Guided Tour

From £40 pp

Kraków, Poland

8 Hours


Auschwitz-Birkenau Guided Tour

From £40 pp

What You'll Do

Auschwitz is a name, and a place, that carries more emotional baggage than perhaps any other on the planet. Experience an insightful, intimate day at this most haunting and harrowing of sites, to truly connect with the events that took place here and across Europe.

Your personal driver for the day will pick you up from any point in the city at your pre-arranged time, before embarking on the 90-minute drive to reach Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Once there, your entrance fee already paid for and organised, you will begin the tour of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum, under the guidance of a local expert, who will share the tragic story of this place with you. After the tour, your driver will drop you back off in Kraków at the location you have arranged.

It’s very rare that a person gains real perspective on just how horrific the Holocaust of WWII was. 1.3 million prisoners, 1.1 million killed, thousands of them merely children. The numbers are so huge and unfathomable, the human acts so difficult to understand, that it’s very hard to let the facts and figures sink in and become meaningful in an emotive, human sense.

On this tour, and through the medium of individual stories and accounts, an official museum guide will put these numbers through a human lens, so that the reality hits home. And when it does, the power of this place takes your breath away.

There’s no doubting that this tour is hugely harrowing and distressing. It’s often hard to believe that you are standing in the very spot that these atrocities occurred, which only brings the tragedies further home still. So why would you take this tour?

Well, for one very simple reason: Auschwitz should never be forgotten.

By commemorating the victims of this unimaginable suffering, a visit to Auschwitz preserves the memory of people like Lidia, a small girl segregated from her family and given a number for a name, experimented on, tortured, and eventually rescued. It serves as a reminder for the dark side of human nature, as you walk in the same footsteps of prisoners who, guilty of no crime, never experienced freedom again.

Understand the stories of the individuals who endured and survived the horrors that occurred in the camp, and come away enlightened, humbled and awe-struck at the courage of those who lived through them.

All this makes a visit to Auschwitz not only one of the most important experiences in Kraków, but one of the most important experiences one could have anywhere in the world.

Your Local Host:


Meet Agnieszka Olechów. Throughout all her years, she has been specialising in unique and off the beaten track tours in and around Kraków.

Her tours show you the most beautiful and important places in Kraków and the city's surroundings in a way that allows you not only to visit them, but also to experience their unforgettable spirit.

Location Information

For private tours, you’ll be picked up from your accommodation (lobby) in Kraków, and returned to your accommodation after the tour.

The pick up occurs up to one hour before the start of the tour, depending on where you are staying.

If you’re joining a group tour, you’ll meet at the bus park at 7 Powiśle Street situated on the opposite side of the Sheraton Grand Hotel.


  • Private transport to and from Auschwitz.
  • A friendly, English-speaking driver.
  • A headset for the purpose of hearing the guide clearly on the tour.
  • Entrance fee to the Museum.
  • All formalities and logistics are taken care of for you, so that you can reflect fully upon the experience.
  • Transfers from your hotel / specified address


Group tours will consists of numbers around 10-25 people.