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A little bit about Sharon Hickey - Sydney photographer

I've been a professional photographer for over 30 years. I have always been in to creative work with television and film and this led me to discover photography.

I got sick of working for other people and so I decided to go out on my own and I set up a location search business- I had to go and find locations and photograph them in a way that would ignite someone’s imagination.
After that – I decided to move into the freelance world working for myself with a number of different companies.

15 years ago I had a group that I decided to work with to teach photography - this friend of mine ran bush walking tours and said "why don’t you come along as so many of my clients want to learn photography?"
I discovered I really loved teaching and watching people discover their creative side – some people have a natural eye – other people can be shown how to see things differently.  Photography is such a unique way of seeing the world whether its through a camera or a smart phone.

What makes your experiences a little different?

We Capture experiences people wont get on their normal travels.
We stay away from the main tourists spot and go to places that a tourists would not get the opportunity to go to unless they know someone living there. If we take people to the blue mountains we would go off the beaten track.
I think its about the philosophy – we like to connect with real people – we go through the streets and talk to people. It’s a truly local experience where we find a local graffiti artist and we strike up conversations with them . We go into numerous old pubs and talk to old timers who are incredible story tellers – characterful – sometimes we meet people who let us go onto their balconies and their rooftops they’re very welcoming. Each session is different – if I see something happening up the street we will go that way – we keep the experience of each location moving – you get to see a lot. If we go walking in the CBD we will get to places that people didn’t even know existed – they’ll see glimpses of iconic views from a different angle which gets a really interesting shot – it’s a different way to experience Sydney.

What is your favourite thing about your city?

We are really multi cultural which is great as we have loads of fabulous restaurants - lot of cultural festivals and we do special tours when there are special events on as well.

What would be your thought as to the thing you must see?

Well the development down in Berangaroo really captured my attn lately it one part of syd that’s totally dif its filled with sculpture and unusual shapes even the building are interesting with round buildings next to talk skinny ones – the lights beautiful its next to the harbour – I am so keen on that area.

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