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Salwaa Smith

Hi Salwaa, you are doing some really interesting things! Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am originally from Cape Town and I came to the UK in 202 to live in Birmingham.   I really missed my hometown and wanted to keep our culture alive for our kids, so I started making our speciality dishes and sharing recipes on facebook.

This really took off and people began requesting recipe books so I self-published a book called Cape Malay and other delights.

I decided to follow my passion and set up demonstrations and cooking classes and I have also created amazing pre-mix spices which I sell.  I am now back in Cape Town and offering the courses to more people to come and experience our food, our culture and learn our way of cooking.

What is special about your experiences?

The food we make is so flavourful and aromatic, it highlights the spices we use and we show you how food is prepared with love.  We have built a whole separate kitchen for our cooking sessions which we completely renovated and is really nice and homely.  You come to our home and you can either watch a demonstration or get stuck in – it’s up to you how hands on you want to be.

Something else I want to mention – we make cakes for under privileged children in safe houses for their birthdays – some of whom have never had a cake.  People bring ingredients and we bake cakes together so we can give the kids a birthday cake.  And 10% of all proceed from our cooking sessions goes to cake for kids.


What is your favourite thing about your city?


What I love most about Cape Town is the people, the way of life and the scenery.  We have a very close knit community and our doors are always open – people just pop in for a cup of coffee – you don’t arrange anything.

My favourite part of the city is the Southern Suburbs, Claremont, Rondebosch. I love Kirstenbosch with all its flowers and open space, but to see how we really live you should visit Bo Kaap which is a colourful Cape Malay area.


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