Urban Safari with Drew and Sophie


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Hey guys – welcome to Not In The Guidebooks. We thought we’d start by asking you a little bit about yourselves? 

Drew: Cool – so I was actually born in South Africa, but I moved to Australia with my family when I was 9. Three years ago, I came back here for the first time, and I just fell in love the culture and the vibe of Cape Town. So I decided I wanted to stay.

Sophie: I moved over to join him about a year ago – we did this huge 4 month trip around Africa, and we started out in Cape Town. We got to see the city from a tourist perspective, but we wanted to do something a bit different and more casual. Everything here seemed to be very professional and neat, but we wanted it to be personal.

And so is that what inspired you to set up Kiff Kombi Tours?

Sophie: It’s a combination of that and the fact that we went on a vintage VW tour in Bali like three years ago, and loved it. So when we moved to Cape Town, we started looking in to doing something similar. We wanted to engage with people personally, and create a space where they could feel like they were travelling with friends, because that’s the best way to really get to know the heart of Cape Town.

Drew: The thing is, a lot of the bigger tour operators in Cape Town can’t be very creative, but we want to show the real Cape Town, because we think it’s such a cool city, we want to share that with everyone. We just thought “what would we love to do” and started building around that, so all our tours show a slice of us as people as well as a slice of Cape Town. A great example of that is our Urban Safari tour. The city itself has so much to offer, but tourists seem to avoid the main city areas and that’s what we wanted to introduce people to.

Sophie: And I think, because our trips our so personal, we end up keeping in touch with a lot of the people that come travelling with us – we like to link up on Facebook and we often get messages from people just letting us know how the rest of their trip has gone. So when we were working a group of backpackers recently and one of them said to us ‘you should get a microphone like they have on the buses so you can take more people,’ we spoke about it, and we were kind of just like ‘no, that’s not really our vibe.’

What is your favourite thing about your city?

What’s your favourite thing about Cape Town. 

Drew: The fact that it’s a melting pot is absolutely amazing – it’s such a hybrid of cultures, which makes it so creative and vibrant, as well as having some awesome food.  Recently, we’ve been to a restaurant called Charango, which does this Peruvian style that I’m loving right now – plus, it’s got a cool atmosphere.

Sophie: And we’re also loving the Kloof Street House – it has this Moroccan inspired menu that is so flavourful, and they have literally the best cocktails I’ve ever had in my life. Get the Madagascar Martini, it will blow your mind. The power and the Glory, The Villain Ale house, the Secret Gin bar and Roxy’s are bars that we love to take people to – we’re not really about the Nightclub scene, because the bars are too amazing to miss.

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