Horse riding wellness holiday in Iznajar, Spain – Introducing our riding instructor Dorcas

What’s her background?
Born in Scotland, Dorcas spent time travelling across Europe before settling in Spain. She has been riding horses since childhood, and has been a riding instructor since she was fifteen. Dorcas is also a trained artist and sculptor, and worked as a graphic designer before devoting herself to her riding centre full-time.

What are her qualifications?
Dorcas holds the Técnico Deportivo en Equitación, the riding instructors’ certificate recognised by the Spanish government, as well as the first level of the “IAC”, the Equine Therapies certificate from Federación Española de Terapias Ecuestres. She also holds the British Horse Society’s Assistant Instructor Certificate, and has completed a course in physiotherapy and relaxation for riders.

What’s special about her teaching?
Dorcas combines decades of horse-riding experience with the innovative application of yoga techniques to teach students to ride in harmony with the horses. Her riding centre is surrounded by majestic mountains and a fabulous landscape, allowing riders to interact with the horses in their natural environment.

What can students expect from the holiday?
Therapeutic horse riding is an effective method for treating a variety of mental, emotional, and physical problems such as depression, lack of confidence, and coordination issues. Under Dorcas’ guidance, riders will gain a greater sense of well-being and experience physical, mental, and spiritual growth.

You can find her wellness horse riding holiday in this link to read more about the course itself.