Meet Patrick, our photography holiday host and tutor in Umbria


Patrick Nicholas is our brilliant photography tutor (and fully fledged Lamb rescuer!) who runs photography holidays based in Umbria, Italy.

But what brought this Brit to this part of Italy?

Read about his dolce vita in Italy…

How did you start running photography holidays?

Being a professional photographer I started photography holidays in 1999. I have lived in Italy for a long time, and I wanted to share the delight of living here, as well as show amateur photographers the beauties of Italy.

Initially, the photo workshops were little more than a summer break from the hurly-burly of running a fashion and advertising studio in Bologna in northern Italy. If I’m honest, almost an excuse to spend time in the most beautiful parts of Umbria and Tuscany.

However over the years, my photography school has grown exponentially, thanks very largely to the fortuitous meeting with five years ago.

What made you decide to develop your holidays with GoLearnTo?

At that time, my wife Lucia and I had just decided to make our home in Orvieto and open a photography gallery which allowed me the freedom to work on photography courses full time.

man taking photos of Orvieto from the hills

Patrick’s student gets hands-on on his holiday

The enthusiasm and drive of the team at GolearnTo has had a galvanising effect on our fortunes and now we run courses all year round and we are even thinking of expanding into other countries.

When in London recently I made a point of visiting the team in their offices. For some time I had wanted to make personal contact. A chance to see the faces behind the bright and cheery email messages and phone calls. I met them in their bright, airy loft. Although they were working hard bashing out emails and answering the phone, they dedicated time (and tea). They made me feel we had been friends for years – which in a sense we have been.

Thanks, for all your hard work, and friendly dedication to my photography holidays.

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