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Art Tours and Activities

Beyond the landscape, action, food and adventure, a lot of culture and charisma from a destination can be found within its art. Here, our ambassadors have selected the very best authentic art and culture tours, to give you a real feel for the place you’ll be visiting.

What you can expect from our art tours?

Be it a curated art tour, an art activity truly unique to that destination alone, or perhaps a street art discovery excursion to explore the finest art on foot – you won’t miss a thing and will get a creative understanding of the country you’re in.

What type of art tours do we offer?

Art is something that is truly unique to the country, city or town you’re in. That’s the beauty of it. It can be found in the most unusual places, or it can be something creative and traditional that is a must try for any curious explorer. For example in Australia you may visit ancient Aboriginal art destinations, whilst in Cape Town you won’t want to miss the impressive contemporary art scene.

Contemporary Art and Design Walk, Cape Town, South Africa

There’s an incredible creativity and hive of artistic energy which is thriving in Cape Town and just has to be discovered. You’ll see a huge range of amazing art in studios, art galleries and production facilities, as well as experiencing the invigorating city vibe and energy that is so authentically Cape Town. Much more than just an art tour, you’ll also get an insight into the important and historical cultural events that make the area what it is today.

Mask Painting, Sri Lanka

Traditional Sri Lankan masks have been ingrained in Sri Lankan culture and the painting methods have been used by traditional artists for generations. Learn the traditional ways of painting your own with the help of a renowned artist from Ambalangoda. The artist brings all the natural pigments to paint the masks, for example a maroon colour from a stone called Boralu and a yellow colour from the Kaha tree. The colour pigments are then mixed with natural resin from the cashew tree so that the colour sticks to the masks.

It’s a fun activity, giving you an authentic local experience and lasting memories. For a full experience, try the Mask Carving activity first too, then you’ll paint the mask you carved yourself.

Why should you try these activities?

Art activities are perfect for the whole family and for people of all experience and capability. Art tours showcase art history, culture and character, and hands on arts and craft activities allow you to experience the local skill and history that can be found within art and the place you’re in.