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Hello, I’m Pete, and I am your Edinburgh and Scotland Ambassador for Not In The Guide Books.

I was born and raised in Scotland and still live in rural Scotland today with my family and seven dogs! My passion for Scotland was really fired up when I was 14 years old and I set off to walk the West Highland Way on my own. A lot of lessons were learned but from that day on the Wild places of Scotland still get me excited.

I meet so many interesting people with interesting things to share in my line of work – I guess I am just lucky – and it is my passion to try and ensure that every guest we come in contact with goes home with great stories to share about Scotland and what they experienced.

We have such diversity to show you in Scotland, really wild and rural places to visit as well as modern exciting cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh which hosts the vibrant arts festival in August and the best New Year’s Eve party in the whole world. We have castles and Lochs and world-famous whiskey.
However, it is my passion to show that Scotland is a lot more than just whisky and tartan. We have stunning wildlife, some of the best adventure activities in the World and a unique music and arts scene in the cities.

The things to do list in Scotland is vast! However, we try to develop and source unique local experiences that will give you a real feel for modern Scotland, its people and it’s thriving culture and energy.

One subject that always comes up with our guests is the Weather! Apparently, there are some rumours around the World that Scotland gets some bad weather. Let me assure you that in my fifty-plus years I can 100% say that Scotland does indeed experience some weather issues!. It is not unusual to experience 4 seasons in one day so you get more weather bang for your buck.

We look forward to helping you explore Scotland, to meet some amazing people who live here and are as passionate about our country as I am, all of us want to ensure you get a Scottish experience that will give you a lifetime of stories to share