Music Activities

As well as interesting heritage, fascinating wildlife and iconic art, a lot can be said about the music that represents a country or town. Be it bagpipes in Scotland, or the Ravanahatha in Sri Lanka, what truly makes music magical is the resounding familiarity it has with a place and the community within it.

What you can expect from our musical activities?

Try your hand at a new musical experience and learn all about the sounds of a new city. Our ambassadors are looking out for the best selection of musical experiences for you to try.

What type of musical activities do we offer?

There’s a whole host of musical activities to be discovered, but here’s our favourite musical activity for you to try:

Djembe Drum Experience, Cape Town, South Africa.

Add this to your bucket list and experience the rhythm and sound of a traditional handmade African ‘talking drum’. The Djembe drum, a skin-covered hand instrument with a goblet shaped structure, has long been used as a form of communication in Africa – each thud and thump resonates deep within you, as if speaking to your psyche that you never knew could speak back.

Try your hand at playing various rhythms and beats, guided by the experience of Manan Ajimah from Northern Ghana, who is recognised to be an authentic master djembefola and teacher of Traditional West African Percussion.

The name of the djembe comes from the saying, "Ankedjé, ankebé" which translates to "everyone gather together in peace" and defines the drum's purpose.

As well as learning to play the instrument, you’ll learn more about the drum’s fascinating history, the different woods used and how it’s constructed to give different sounds.

Why should you try these activities?

A fun activity for all ages and levels of musical ability. This experience is joyful and will leave lasting memories, as well as holding great sentiment and a look at the fascinating history of one of South Africa’s musical traditions.