Kirsty’s weird Italian – Learn Italian in Italy

Every language comes with it’s own bizarre expressions that seem a little bit out there to non-native speakers. The Italian language is no exception.

Here’s my pick of some of the weird and wonderful and slightly mad Italian phrases…

Weird and wonderful Italian phrases

  1. “Una cenetta con i fiocchi” – (lit. a meal with bows on) a meal with all the trimmings
  2. “Mi fa venire il latte alle ginocchia” – (lit. makes milk go to my knees) watching paint dry
  3. “Una buona forchetta” – (lit. a good fork) someone who likes eating/eats a lot
  4. “Melosa” – (adj.) cheesy, as in a film with a cheesy ending

Whatever your level, the best way to learn Italian is to study in Italy; so you can put your Italian into practice outside of the classroom.

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