Kirsty’s weird French – learn French in France

Here’s my pick of the weird and wonderful and slightly mad French phrases…

– Entre chien et loup : (Lit. between the dog and the wolf) the time between day and night where – you’re not sure which is which (it is hard to tell whether a dog is a wolf, or a wolf is a dog)

– Passer comme une lettre a la poste – (like a letter in the post) to pass smoothly, without a problem

– Tourner sept fois sa langue dans sa bouche – (lit. turn your tongue 7 times in your mouth) to think before you speak

– Mon petit crapaud – (lit. my little toad) my little sweet-heart

– Tomber dans les pommes – (lit. to fall in the potatoes) to faint/pass out

– Jai le cafard – (lit. I have a cockroach) I’m depressed

– Jai la peche/patate – (lit. I have the peach/potato) I’m on good form

– Ca coute la peau des fesses – (lit. it cost the skin off your bottom) it costs a fortune


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